Friday, October 29, 2010

Each Web page must be managed

In each site, there are pages that more that others are doing authorities. You are part of a site so badly managed Web may be harmful to the overall health of referencing website although less authoritative. Here are a few tips how give priority and importance of your Web pages.
1 Duplicate content – 90% of the time, unhealthy pages contain duplicate content and are therefore not only less making authorities but extremely damaging to the friendliness of your Website.Es positioning are a variety of tools, you to duplicate content, Google Website Optimizer can use one to consider.
2 Features fantasies can kill SEO - features are fun, but not always notwendig.Zum are features like faceted navigation example tell a friend, and internal search can tarnish your SEO efforts.A tip to manage these functions: check if you can be indexed.
3 Lock bottom - sometimes there are some pages you have on your site, exclude some pages from indexing müssen.Um indexed on your site map can JavaScript tags meta "robot" or "robots.txt" purposesyou can also use statements and "Robots" meta to the pages step of indexing-meta tag, make of hinzufügen.Um, add the "noindex" statement to the meta.
4 What happens then - if defined rules of exclusion on "robots.txt", strictly followed by all search engines more appropriate rules can focus on your key pages and keep the free index of those irrelevant!

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