Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Backlinks VS. content, what is SEO King?

Hello readers, it is time that a few surprises. Today, I am still between you provide information on the new concept of SEO. Even you have experienced this too many times and a degree in this article showed my previous articles of the poor to a certain extent. Give me more information by light, I will inform you without waiting for the other.

Everyone knows that that is the primary Google search because of very noble work.collects information from all over the world, are classified as good and allows you to freely available and appropriate for readers of the world, but sometimes even the giant search engine also occurred in the provision of information, we can find.

Is an example of what I want to tell you, go to the Google search bar and type "far from being a failure" in the search box and press ENTER to see the first results list... This is the biography of George Bush přih page.with.Now ask yourself why it is listed first.

Now if I have the above mentioned handling is easy to manipulate Google algorithm sorts the information that you think I'm fou.La only reason appears as the first, but the results of the research is only and only to the left.

Yes, several times, I wrote in my previous articles, content is King and Google is always content fresh, and is what the Web site will look fresh and listed on the search engine.According to Google, the need for standards to be regularly with fresh content on the page, insert so that Google site on a daily basis and if the list is "content is King" SEO "Queen" links are SEO.

But let's run it is built on a Web server where you will find content fresh top every day after that all Google add standards, while for me I have a single page Web site for more information on AIDS and can only be done after the acquisition of links.After several months, we should make the order of the two sites. And your surprise and your information, let me help you, I've certainly higher than the ranking of your Web site.

For my friends, mark my words, if you can not add fresh content on the site every day, no worry.go after the buildings would be momentum for your search engine ranking.If I Google also agrees that page with more number of links, should be very important and therefore already page belongs in the search engines.

So now you can assign time therefore more time in the instead of updating the contents of each day, it is certainly cheaper and faster to get high search rankings of moteur.Je am already started pratiquer.maintenant also make the move.

Now I finally leave their readers valuable input and comments are more importants.Je would certainly like more ideas on this article by lecteurs.vous did you not disappoint you please me. ""Sayonara" until then, please return more news, type additional information about referencing.

Building Relationships By Building Links

Link building plays a critical role in a website's rank on the popular search engines. When it comes to popularizing a website and attracting search engine traffic, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the first thing online marketers must focus on. This is an important ongoing activity that is highly cost-effective. By optimizing a website for the search engines, its chances of driving free targeted traffic increases substantially, resulting in more customers.

SEO involves building links, because this helps build relationships with prospective and existing customers and generate traffic. There are several ways in which links can help attract targeted traffic to a website.

When links to a website are placed on other sites, visitors to these sites click these links.

A website's incoming links are also used by search engines like Google, Yahoo!, etc., to assess the site. Websites that receive quality back links are ranked higher by the search engines. Thus, more quality links means more traffic.

But Why Build Links?

The answer to this question is that when a link points to a website from another high ranking or relevant site, the search engines classify it as an important resource for users. It ought to follow from this that an online marketer's job is done if thousands of links come into the website. However, not all links carry the same value. Some are worth more than others.

Why Are Some Links Worth More Than Others?

A link's value is determined by many factors. Google sees only some sites as trusted domains. This search engine's algorithm uses a complex process to evaluate links. Based on its assessment, some sites that are consistent sources of valuable information are judged as trusted domains. These could be news sites, blogs and other sites that carry information being sought by users. Links to these sites are considered better than quantity-based links from online directories and unknown blogs. It is not easy to receive incoming links from "trusted domains."

Factors Determine the Value of an Incoming Link

The primary factors that decide a link's value include the following:

A website's strength is evaluated with the help of several criteria, one of which is PageRank. PageRank is awarded on a scale of 1 to 10 and the higher the site's PageRank, the more valuable the link generated by it. Thus the link from a site with a PR of 2 is worth far less than a site with a PR of 8.

High PageRank alone is not enough. The site must be relevant to the linking site. This means that for a pet supplies site, a link from a PR 3 kennel site is more valuable than a link from a PR 6 lawyer's site. Linking sites must be complementary for the search engine to perceive them as trusted domains.

Anchor text
In the process of link building, the text used to write the links can make all the difference. The text that constructs the link is called the anchor text. For example, in "Enjoy a memorable Florida vacation," Florida vacation is the anchor text. This text takes the user to the URL that is likely to be

The anchor text helps the search engines to apply context to the site where the hypertext link leads. This is why it is vital to include anchor text that contains the primary keywords through which the website wishes to be found and ranked high.

The context of the page in which the link appears
In addition to the anchor text, Google also assesses the linking page's context so this is why it is important to receive incoming links from websites whose content is relevant to the site where the links go.

Link's location
Where the link features on a page in relation to other links on the page makes an impact. If the link is at the bottom of the page, it has less value than one that is closer to the top of the page. If the link is within the page content, it has more value than a link that is with a group of links. The search engines view a link as click-worthy based on where it is located and rank it accordingly.

The above are just a few reasons why link building is essential to SEO.

Link Building Strategies

There are several link-building strategies. What follows is a brief description of the most popular, and low-cost methods online marketers cannot afford to ignore.

Online Directories

Online directories are good sources of links. One can sign up and submit websites that are then approved by the directory for inclusion. The majority of the directories do not charge a fee. The important thing to note is the quality of the directories. While they are good for links, it is worth it to spend the time to choose directories relevant to the website's business to link to. Because links from directories are not difficult to get, Google does not rank these links very highly.

Directory submission is hard work and getting the best results involves customizing the content to the specific directory. A detailed list of general and industry-specific directories is available online, along with RSS and blog feed directories.

Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way to build links. Online marketers can outsource press release writing and distribution for a fee, or opt to do it themselves. Press release services permit a link back to the publisher's site and also carry a synopsis about the business. Sites such as are popular and distribute the press release to a huge audience. When a press release is well-written and grabs the reader's attention, it drives traffic and helps build links. Press releases also get noticed by news sites and blogs, bringing more traffic. Mashable has a list of free PR sites.


As a link building method, articles are a favorite with most Internet marketers. There are several websites that accept articles about any topic. To be effective, the article must be written concisely, must carry valuable information for the reader and have contextual links. A resource box at the end of the article is the most important part as it contains information about the author and links back to the website. There are article submission services that distribute the content to several sites quickly. It makes sense to seek sites that relate to the website's business for relevance, since this will help drive search engine traffic and build links.

Local Search

Google Maps is a great way to generate links and traffic, particularly with local search services. There are many services in addition to Google Maps such as Qype, Yahoo! local and BView.

Forum Posting

When done carefully, forum posting can generate substantial traffic and build links. Internet marketers must be cautious about not spamming and follow the forum rules strictly, ensuring that useful content is posted. This method works effectively when forums related to the website's business are chosen. It is important to follow conversation threads carefully and participate with valuable information.


It is critical for internet marketing business websites to attract links from high quality and high page rank sites. This, however, is not a simplistic process. Blogs and news sites receive link requests all the time and unless there is a convincing reason, the request may not be accepted. One way to overcome this is to offer content in return for the link. This is a time-consuming process but worth the effort.

Web Design Directories

When a website is well-designed and attractive, submitting it to design directories online can attract traffic and links. Designers who are a part of this community are likely to share the design of those websites which they find appealing. Lists of CSS and design directories are available online for quick reference.

Social Media Websites

Social media marketing is a highly effective way to build traffic and gain links. Members who sign up can build a profile with relevant content with links. Since social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., see massive amounts of traffic it is critical for Internet marketers to develop their social media presence and leverage this medium.

Social Bookmarking

Users who surf the internet enjoy sharing what they like and social bookmarking makes this easy. Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon,, etc., are extremely popular sites where users "bookmark" web pages and share them. Most web pages have a drop-down list of social bookmarking icons, making it easy for people to share the page on the site of their choice.

There are more than 400 social bookmarking and networking sites. Knowem is a site where marketers can book their username across several hundred sites quickly.

Stocklists and Suppliers

This works similar to service organizations that maintain lists of their prospects and customers that link to their sites. For Internet marketers, suppliers' lists can be a valuable source of links and targeted traffic.

The above link building methods are tried, tested and effective. The role of links in a website's search engine ranking cannot be underestimated. Even though it can take time and patience, the results are worth the effort.

One-way Link Building: The sure-fire method to increase your search engine rankings

Each site owner who helped shape search engine optimization method or the other knows that there is a lot of the processes involved. Sometimes it's tempting to take part in most of them the best result, but the fact is that time consuming processes. The search engine to optimize which revealed the existence of a one-way link building techniques.

What is link building?

Is a simple process of linking your site or blog with one another and vice versa.Vous can decide to exchange links with others, but it is always important links with sites that are active in the same niche your inclination for optimal results, that this type of sites the content of some family members who like the location that you have on your website or blog.

Link building one way is the best?

The answer is emphatic yes, but there are some factors that need of note, at the same time, build a links inbound direction unique.Bien is very important that Exchange links will be are more capable of contributing to the revival of the pages, assessment of changes in search engines, robots, is equally important to note that one way links must be built with websites in the same créneau.signifie webmaster needed for dividends one-way, strengthening links should be to find relevant Web sites are ranking high in the regimes.

Benefits of generosity incoming one-way links: but it is one of the most visible, that the order of pages in the site increased so dramatically, as binding is implemented correctly and uniformly bâtiments.mais should be site owner does not allow some of the errors that the right of a higher rank will be the path to your website or blog.

How you or your one-way link building is effective?

You must monitor the links pointing to your pages to reference their importance.You must make sure that all links are broken, because search engines are generally frown on these broken links INYANGE ' order of the pages of your Web sites, you can also drag and drop if the search engines will notice that there are numerous links broken on your website or your blog.

You can get a link unidirectional building itself?

However, you must remember that it is a time do you think should write and submit articles and links to the bas.Vous will the presentation directory, the RSS, video production and distribution, as follows and etc.This entirely possible but if it is not possible to deal with them, and for other aspects of your online business, you can obtain the best link building experts will ensure the travail.Cela the same which is much higher in websites ranking schemes.

To receive money from home with an external reference buildings

eThere are many things you can do this without much money online and through your blog or a Web page, but there are others that are very important and almost compulsory, should earn income of your business online. These aspects of the material or must include generation of activity online, the lifeblood of all Internet business operation. The most productive for the manufacture of the operation on the Web today is via the strengthening of the link. Another aspect of quality of content creation and publication of your blog or Web page. You can easily run external content in the comfort of home, simply contact with some administrators, who need the service. It is clear to Koka, because each webmaster or the quality of the content of the blog owner and link building appropriate in order to gain access as appropriate, the establishment of independent tasks that you can get.

Expert external link building, you will need to bother with getting hundreds of webmasters or Web pages of work in the initial phase, it is preferable to obtain some of the sites and their use to show your link building works by additional link you obtain reference power get rid of.It remains only to establish links, which are very important for each site, because it is a methodology proven to avenue, website or your blog to increase the popularity of lien.Il is therefore higher has a links inbound one-way to your site and your blog, the assessment of the position of the highest page grows and more visible Web a blog is to get on the search engines results pages.

As much easier if it is time to plan how to get this way inbound links important to clients generated after the onset of labour trooping.Vous building external reference professional can decide on blogs relevant research in the same location as the Web site or blog that you want to link back to the top blogs were identified after a niche, then it is time to create of accounts in 8 or 10 of them and rich keyword anchor text is used to add link on your blog or site Web, you are in the signature field on.This action will be followed by the qualified comments and contributions on these blogs.Thanks to remain visible to the other, the signature is to read your valuable contribution.

Article marketing is another powerful method that you can use to create a links inbound one-way for clients such as the external link building professionnels.vous you need to write articles based on the subject or aspect any product or service, which is projected on the website or your blog and send articles to various ré link popularity comes rich keyword anchor text link pointing to your website or your blog, all the articles that you send.

Some owners Web site can be a bit disturbing the fact that link building is synonymous with higher-order of the pages of the site, but the truth is that link building systematically and with a view to a higher order of pages in the digest algorithm.

Keyword research: effective tips for successful keyword research campaign

Keyword research is a basic search engine optimization. Campaign start SEO without reviewing the keywords to the right of your site Web is the recipe for disaster. Keyword research is trying to simply search words or phrases that are used when searching for something using the search engines. It is also avoided the keywords that can compete. Here are some tips on how to effectively search for keywords on the right.

1 create a list of keywords targeted key words phrases.Ces must be related to your niche and Web pages, you can use the thesaurus to.Relevant keywords that may be useful to the thesaurus, you can also use the tool, the search for keyword, which will be discussed in the next step.

2. There are some keyword research tools that you can use the search by keyword WordTracker and other tools that you can effectively search and sorting data, some of these tools are free, while others will require a fee. Say you have a keyword that person is used, if you're right use, particularly if you are really sure that this does not change.

3. by using keywords and search for cibler.Si engines these keywords are used or provided by the Web pages of this evaluation, the high page may be difficult to compete with, using the same keywords.Otherwise, if you generate results less or whose results are not specifically for your target keywords, it is a good signe.Vous may be able to compete with these keywords.

4 Keep in mind that it is the ultimate goal is not only high in the search engines, but to attract visitors, who will respond to your offer to the (click on ads, buy, enjoy other benefits that it offers on the Web) for words keys that are not specific to the products or services that you offer is just a waste of effort and bandwidth.for example, if the market laser printers and search for keywords, classified as a "printer and printing", which is to attract visitors who you are on the market for other types of printers .need engines want this scenario.

Targeting the right niche or catchword phrases keyword is the best strategy is also targeted keywords that are not competitive are also a must.sinon, it will be put to waste all of your efforts.