Friday, November 5, 2010

Backlinking Basic Techniques

"Build it and they will come" is no more a valid assertion. Creating a website does not mean mission accomplished any more. It needs more than the technical skills in order to get the attention of web users. As a matter of fact, with millions of website on the internet standing out of the crowd involve marketing know-how in addition to any other competencies.

Search engines determine reputation of a website by the number of links pointing to it. This has a big impact on the order of which websites are listed as result of a search. When a set of keywords is searched, the most popular websites are displayed first, giving them the advantage of getting most of the hits and leaving the less popular websites to starvation.

Since the backlinks are so important, the next logical question would be how to get them? This is all but a trivial task to do. Having less popular sites linking back to yours has no added value. It is far more useful if sites linking back to your website be better ranked than yours otherwise there is no gain.
The following is few simple techniques that help in getting quality backlinks:

- Link exchange: Invest your time in searching the web for websites that offer complementary services to your website and suggest exchanging link with them. Do not go to competitors because they will not accept. Suppose you have a website that sells home electrical, a complementary website would be ones that do maintenance.

- Article marketing: This is an efficient technique provided that you post well written interesting articles to well ranked online article directories. If you are not skilled writer it is better to hire one and publish articles related to your domain of expertise. At the end of each article add a link to your website.

- Community: A community is a group of people who are interested in what you do. It is important to go to the web and try finding one. This can be a forum or Q&A website. Generally forums are closed community. You need time and efforts to mix with them and be admitted as a true member who can post links and ask others to visit your website. Any premature step will be viewed as spam and will put you into trouble. So the wise strategy is to play low profile until you feel you are part of them. On the other hand Q&A websites such as or are easier because they are built on the concept of some people asking questions and others providing answers. This will alleviate the task and make it easy to start a discussion.

- Chat rooms addict: People who read articles or use forums are quite many; however people who chat outnumber by far more the previous ones. The reason is obvious; it is not that easy to go reading or submitting answers; chatting is preferred instead. It is not useless to spend enough time on chat rooms and engage into real-time discussions with people over there. The advantage of this practice is in being closer to the target audience and in getting better feedback. Convincing someone and making him attracted to what you do, means that you indirectly recruited him to spread the word among his contacts, he will become your disciple.

These fundamental techniques give a solid starting point, but you must bear in mind that the road to success is full of pitfalls and require big efforts. Success will not come within few days. You have to be ready to spend months of struggle and hard work in order to notice progress. The will and the perseverance are key characteristics in order to achieve success.

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