Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Backlinks VS. content, what is SEO King?

Hello readers, it is time that a few surprises. Today, I am still between you provide information on the new concept of SEO. Even you have experienced this too many times and a degree in this article showed my previous articles of the poor to a certain extent. Give me more information by light, I will inform you without waiting for the other.

Everyone knows that that is the primary Google search because of very noble work.collects information from all over the world, are classified as good and allows you to freely available and appropriate for readers of the world, but sometimes even the giant search engine also occurred in the provision of information, we can find.

Is an example of what I want to tell you, go to the Google search bar and type "far from being a failure" in the search box and press ENTER to see the first results list... This is the biography of George Bush přih page.with.Now ask yourself why it is listed first.

Now if I have the above mentioned handling is easy to manipulate Google algorithm sorts the information that you think I'm fou.La only reason appears as the first, but the results of the research is only and only to the left.

Yes, several times, I wrote in my previous articles, content is King and Google is always content fresh, and is what the Web site will look fresh and listed on the search engine.According to Google, the need for standards to be regularly with fresh content on the page, insert so that Google site on a daily basis and if the list is "content is King" SEO "Queen" links are SEO.

But let's run it is built on a Web server where you will find content fresh top every day after that all Google add standards, while for me I have a single page Web site for more information on AIDS and can only be done after the acquisition of links.After several months, we should make the order of the two sites. And your surprise and your information, let me help you, I've certainly higher than the ranking of your Web site.

For my friends, mark my words, if you can not add fresh content on the site every day, no worry.go after the buildings would be momentum for your search engine ranking.If I Google also agrees that page with more number of links, should be very important and therefore already page belongs in the search engines.

So now you can assign time therefore more time in the instead of updating the contents of each day, it is certainly cheaper and faster to get high search rankings of moteur.Je am already started pratiquer.maintenant also make the move.

Now I finally leave their readers valuable input and comments are more importants.Je would certainly like more ideas on this article by lecteurs.vous did you not disappoint you please me. ""Sayonara" until then, please return more news, type additional information about referencing.

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