Thursday, November 11, 2010

The strategy-building the links-how to create a natural backlinks

Search marketing engine is the promotion and marketing of these companies online to attract more visitors and customers. SEO is a part of the marketing of the Internet, which are arranged on the page and the process of listing page (link building).

I'm talking about the correct and effective strategy for the creation of links towards your website higher in the search engine result. Building on the left indicates that the website links to other related Web site, but only insert a link to the Web site is insufficient meet your objectives and full Web site owner to remove your link if you spam links.It should be good reason, and a brief description of the binding site, so that the visitor does not know where to go after having clicked on lien.Il aid also search engines to rank your site on a specific topic.

BackLink anchor text on the site is also known as your keyword, it is preferable to have the order of the website for a specific keyword in the search engine result. The point of SEO backlinks are of two types, namely DOFOLLOW and NOFOLLOW links. Almost all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, search and review links inverse dofollow and helps in the order in the search engine results PAGE for a specific links Dofollow Word or phrase.for visitors and link juice and well as Nofollow links using only the order on the yes no way that we just behind backlink dofollow.renforcement link must be natural and proper balance between the dofollow and diversity links links is a further factor to keep in mind when creating backlinks.

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