Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two ways to increase your link popularity

Boost your link popularity is an important task for the search engine rank high. Their link popularity is the number and quality of links defined on your site, but by the number of domains pointing to you!

In addition, are effective methods you can use to increase your link popularity.

1 More than links: the most common is the construction of additional to your site.Mais links even if you don't get the PR domains no huge boost for your SERP.Einige techniques, especially generation "low value" back links (step get me wrong, you are valuable if you associated but not valuable sites are enough) is: article marketing, blogging, Web 2.0, social bookmarking and so on. These techniques certainly effective Ares but should be combined with the second strategy!

2 More than value: ways to use a new bring you links only a small amount of link Popularität.Oft there are many links never Google indexed, and that you are completely unnecessary for your campaign référencement.La only way to avoid this problem by creating links to pages containing links to your main site, it is not only your website increase in popularity, but will also ensure that these links be indexed by Google!This is what make many Don�t marketing specialists are your advantage!

I recommend to combine the two techniques to get the best results and a warning to the end, is no longer do it!by building still multiple links at a time, to risk something that you don't want is prohibited or de-indexed by Google and that will certainly!

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