Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two ways to increase your link popularity

Increase your link popularity is an important task that is too high in search engines. Your link popularity is defined by the number and quality of links on your site, but also a number of different domains for you!

There are two effective methods are used to increase your link popularity.

1 more than links: the most common is to create additional links to your site.But even in the case where you receive an areas high PR does not mean a huge boost for your technical SEARCH ENGINE.certaines results generation PAGE generally trackbacks "low value" (I mistake not, they are valuable because of related Web pages, but are not sufficiently valuable) are as follows: article marketing, blog, Web 2.0, social bookmarking, etc. These techniques are effective, but the Ares should be combined with the second strategy!

2 Greater value: a number of ways you can use to create some backlinks brings only the small amount of link popularity.often, many of the links you never indexed by Google and are completely useless for the SEO campaign.the only way to avoid this, you create hyperlinks to the pages with links to the main website, it is not only increases your popularity of sites, but will also ensure that these links are indexed in Google! is that I have many FTAA don t, this is your advantage!

It is strongly recommended to combine the two techniques for the best results and a warning to the end! create too many comments at the same time, you run the risk to prohibit or de-indexed by Google, and this is something you definitely want to!

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