Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Every Web page are not created equal

In each page of the site, which has more authority than the other. Although less making authorities pages are part of the site, if well managed, can be detrimental to the overall health of the SEO of your Web site. Here are some tips on how to evaluate and prioritize the importance of Web pages.

1. duplicate content-90% of time, unhealthy pages contain duplicate and is therefore not only less authoritative, but is very harmful for the kindness of your site.Il referencing are several tools that can be used to check for duplicate content, optimize Google's pages.

2. We give the features, you can kill the SEO features are nice, but it is not always nécessaire.par example, a function, as faceted navigation, tell a friend and an internal search can be detrimental to all of your efforts should SEO. Tip for the management of these functions: check if it can be indexed.

3. the lock there are some pages on the site, which currently are not required to be indexed in your site.Si plan you want to exclude indexed pages, you can allow scripts, "robot" or robots Meta tags. You can also use the txt directives.Meta and meta robots tag "addition of pages you want indexer.pour do this, add the"noindex"meta tag."

4 What happens after that if you choose the exclusion rules in robots.", which will be strictly followed by all search engines from recherche.avec relevant rules, you can focus on important pages, and by maintaining an index of the trivial free!"

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