Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Web link" is really important for the evaluation of our site

A few months ago I was before, with a team of specialists in search engine optimization on my site (if the SEO bidder has started). My first task was to get my head around SEO tactics that are today used in optimization in search engines. At the time, I noticed that the words "left" or "link" several times if necessary in a panel discussion.

At the beginning of the entry into force of the colleagues I have is that mark the words "a pinch of salt," believing it more relevant information can be obtained in a key to the success of SEO u.s. route ' it is true, there are other important factors are necessary for effective as text tag meta key mappings, ongoing site updates Web site search engine optimization etc, now it is clear that this site link with the majority of the mass for General SEO success.

My first important lesson learned and here is why: links provide our webpage, the popularity of the link, otherwise the designation for search spiders web-engine recommendations the other company to recognize and incorporate in their replies to the location of the site in search engine ranking.Additional links on the site with other sites settings, it seems more popular and the best chance to get on the first page of most search engines I say "much" because, even if many search engines work in relatively as well as some of its methods to determine the outcome of the slightly different based on the example, r├ęsultats.par establish site-specific at 10th position in Google, the same site can be found under the 14th position at Yahoo!. However, the difference is never usually so great.

It is important to get these links, it is also important to consider whether it is linked. Ensure that Web sites can be considered as a safe and reliable. Personal information that you provide correct? Here are links to information? Can be booked?It is not misleading or non-relevant links related to this site? repeat a step and to make the eyes of the entire site is based on the subject is only a matter of use.common sense to determine where these Web pages if you have a Web site providing inaccurate, is known as the joke is incorrect or is a serious matter, still wrong?Observantly knows where, given that some of the sites specified on the basis of a joke or "funny theme" always do this impression.Il is also important determine what type of evaluation of the site you download toolbar Google on the Internet, for which a particular button immediately the importance of 0-10 of certain webpages Google.Cela display is recommended.

Don't forget, the amount is not important for search engine optimization but if the quality of the links Web page here, then be better for your efforts you because you're not only all the services in the long term in the field of the location of the server.

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