Monday, November 8, 2010

What is Anchor text

What is anchor text?

Don't know that it is possible to link the text on the page.Text that contains a link, is called the anchor text and the consequences of major voice search engine rankings when Web.comme site most votes, high quality and highly respected sources is regarded as one of the Web site links to other Web pages, Google, better Web site will appear on Google.

A problem with Google to understand what top Web.Le robot is used to determine what page is;Unfortunately, it is not as effective as a man robot to understand the content of this Web site, used by all possible means for them to assess the content of the page. One of the things that use anchor text on a Web page or a page link.

Google believes that it is how the text of an anchor to link their it this page.Et content they are right. Normally when you have one of these types of links you will arrive at similar to page expected.

The performance of the text anchor

If you do this research, click here, you will be very high, Adobe has shown for the recherche.lorsque you click on the result, you will be redirected to a page that has nothing to do with the "here". Adobe have so many good links with the anchor link text "Click here" on their site that Google acquired confused on what was on the page. This result is certainly helped by the fact that not much competition for the keyword, click here.only demonstrate how powerful anchor text.

How to use in your favour.

Many site administrators are familiar with the power of anchor text and you can directly access the competition in this regard, anchor text."is actually a keyword, which rank high when you're linking."There are two times can be made.

Internal links to a page on your site to another page on the same site.Si links you have an internal link allows complete control over this link is a link to your site several times in the text of each of your pages, you need the plus.Wikip├ędia is a perfect example of this, if you read the Wiki page you can see how many links in the text, and how easily you can still read the page.

Backlink construction in building backlinks from other websites, it is necessary use text anchor .Liens from other Web sites are more trustworthy, because in theory, is not, you can get links from other Web sites, so to specify a source objective.mais anchor text here are a few sites that allow you to create links inverses.Article Marketing Web sites and video web marketing sites YouTube, you can add your site as long as it is on their site can contribute links inverses.les keywords that you want to for the links to the website to use the high.

Anchor text is crucial for Google understand your site and therefore easier to get Google to improve the Web site will be ranked.

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