Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is the relationship change? Will you get penalized by the search engines?

What is the relationship change?

When both site administrators are consistent with the two together. For example, the webmaster (a) references to the webmaster (b) and return. Exchange links originally was a good idea. Google broke in a new type of search engine, which takes into account the number of backlinks (the number of links on your website) when the pages are arranged. The link is counted as a vote for this site.It was Google surfers for the measurement of other Web sites, but of course there are some [...] people who tried to take advantage of this policy by liens.ils Exchange are trick Google, because the only reason to give a link because it's back, not because they are assessed on other Web sites.

Of course, Google has changed their algorithm.devalue links from websites, (b) if (b) has been connected to a smart move.you think to completely stop the exchange of links in the hope that it would achieve a PageRank more élevé.mais some people still argue for the exchange of links and there are even sites that are specially designed so that you can share links, and most of these Web pages tell you this link exchange that you want to get ranked search engines increasingly high.

When should you use to exchange links?

Are always or it believes that the exchange of links is a good idea.If you have two non-competitive but related sites, sometimes it makes sense that you can drive traffic to your site and vice versa.You can do so by linking site or email subscription lists.If you want to bind each other on the page using the nofollow tag.two links in this way, you can find the Google PageRank (no, this would be) and that Google is that it is the exchange of links.

Punish the exchange links?

I have a problem in a number of occasions and the simple answer is no, while you cannot determine which connects to you, you will never be punished for a link to your site.Google can be suspicious about the site, if you participate without the use of labels nofollow is to exchange links and it is difficult to say whether this impact brand on their website, it is preferable to air on the side of caution.

Exchange links have no value in terms of SEO, but in some cases, can be very useful in non-concurrentielles.Si operations something definitely at the top of my priority should rely chantier.contenu high quality and backlinks will be much better search engine ranking.

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